Alpha vs Beta and Lite vs Premium

When you open up your Dashboard you'll see a number of different tools you can create. Each one is labeled with its type in parentheses. The types and what they mean are listed and explained below


A tool in Beta means it's still in development. The tool will receive occasional updates, and will rarely undergo major changes. The data you enter in these tools is fairly safe and stable.


Tools in Alpha are still being formed. We don't show Alpha tools to all users by default, but you can use them by enabling Alpha Mode in your account settings page. By using this tool and giving feedback on our subreddit, you can help improve the tool's development process from an earlier stage. Keep in mind that tools in Alpha are likely to change drastically, so data may not be preserved from one version to another.


Tools with the Lite type are tools that are out of beta and available for purchase. You can read more about how we price our products here. Users can only create one of each Lite tool, but can collaborate with other players if additional Lite tools are shared with them. Users will also have access to limited features of lite tools. Lastly, ads are placed on the page next to Lite tools.


Premium tools appear after a Lite tool is upgraded. Premium tools have no ads, full access to features, and allow players to create unlimited new tools of that type. Paying once for an upgrade of a particular tool upgrades it to Premium status forever. You can read more about this on our pricing page.

If you have any more questions, don't hesistate to visit our subreddit and ask us. Beyond Tabletop's dev (me) answers every question as best he can.