What is Beyond Tabletop?

Beyond Tabletop is a set of tools for RPG players who want to enhance their in-person game sessions with cleanly designed, easy-to-use online character sheets and maps. Our web application is subscription-free and designed to be used on all devices. We currently offer two products - a battle map, which is designed to accommodate many RPG systems, and character sheets, which are built for the Pathfinder system (with more systems on the way!)

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How much do your tools cost?

Before we ask for money for these tools, we make sure they're working the way you want. All our tools go through an extensive beta period when they are free for everyone to use and give us feedback on. Everyone who participates in the beta gets a significant discount when the tool finally moves out of beta.

Here are the products we have for sale at the moment:

Pathfinder Sheets $10

D&D 5E Sheets $10

Pay once to get unlimited access to the tool you bought. Read more about it on our pricing page.

Is there a subscription or monthly fee?


With Beyond Tabletop, you only pay for the products you want, and you only pay once. Every product is free to try out, so just pay for the ones you like!

Is this just another spreadsheet?

No, our tools are built on a realtime platform called Firebase. Basically, this allows you to create files that save in real time, so your friends can open and see the changes happen as you make them. The character sheet tools are not spreadsheets; they are fully-customized sets of fields automatically pulling in data from the Pathfinder SRD and D&D 5E resources, while calculating inputs designed specifically for those systems' respective players.

And because all files are read-only by default, that means they can be shared with just a link. All you need to view a tool is a Google account. You can create a Beyond Tabletop RPG battlemap, share it with other Beyond Tabletop users, and use it at the same time!

After I log in, the dashboard is stuck loading. What's going on?

Beyond Tabletop uses Google Drive to generate and load files. Google Drive requires that users allow third party cookies and site data. Some Google Chrome users may have this turned off. You can turn it on again from: Advanced Settings > Privacy > Content Settings

Can I use my own images for the map?

Yes. We don't offer image storage, but you can upload images anywhere publicly-accessible (like imgur or cloudapp) and use the image URL in the RPG battlemap.

Will this work on my phone or tablet?

Yes, it works on any device that can normally render a website. Beyond Tabletop is a web application so you're free to play on your phone, tablet or computer!

Can I print my character sheet?

Technically, yes, you can, but it's not perfect. For both the D&D 5E and Pathfinder sheets, printing them will print a version of your Overview tab. Beyond Tabletop's products are meant to be used online and digitally, so transferring them to print media is not something we currently fully support.

Can I use your tools for free?

Yes, some players will find the free version of our sheets work just fine for them. Free sheets show ads and don't have access to advanced features. Free users can also only make one sheet of each type. Other than that, they function as full sheets; interacting with our other tools, and sharable to anyone with a Google account.

You can get more details on our pricing page.

What features do you tools support?

Here's a walkthrough of our Pathfinder character sheet and RPG battlemap tools:

Beyond Tabletop Features Walkthrough This walkthrough of Beyond Tabletop's two launch products includes a tour of the Pathfinder character sheet and the RPG battlamep.

Pathfinder Sheets

  • Integrated classes (core, base, alternative, NPC, CRB prestige, and more to come)
  • Feats
  • Spells
  • Conditions
  • Customizable Fields
  • Much more!

RPG Battlemap

  • Tokens
  • Shapes
  • Custom background images
  • Initiative and round tracking
  • Share maps
  • Realtime usage

D&D 5E Sheets

  • Character creation (background, traits, ideals, bonds, etc.)
  • Companions
  • Spells
  • Conditions
  • Class Powers
  • Much more!

Group Tables

  • Group chat
  • Easily share and collaborate
  • Open multiple tools at once
  • Roll dice, send rolls to chat
  • Organize tools for a campaign
  • So much more!

I don't play D&D, will you make me a character sheet tool too?

We'll definitely try! We're focusing on D&D and Pathfinder for our character sheet tools to start, but we're planning on supporting many more RPG systems. Let us know what you play and we'll do what we can to support it!

However, even if you don't play D&D, you can still use our RPG Battlmap!

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