Introducing Beyond Tabletop, the Easiest Virtual Battlemat

Take the initiative, build an encounter! Beyond Tabletop is a web application that replaces both the physical maps and character sheets used in RPG tabletop gaming. We think you'll like it.

Check out a 60-second encounter ... or build your own

Why Beyond Tabletop is the best

The easiest to use

There's no software to install or complicated documentation to decode. Build your first encounter right here in your browser to and see for yourself.

Built for mobile

Our tools are designed for your phone and tablet, so you're free to connect to your game from anywhere, even when you're away from your desktop. In-person games are also enhanced when your touch devices are finally part of the game, rather than just a distraction.

Infinitely customizable

Beyond Tabletop replaces physical battlemats by letting you draw maps and move characters around - just like in real life. Character sheets let you name, add, and modify stats, gear, and spells. You’ve never been so free to create your dream character without a stack of papers.

Bring everyone to the table

Designed for in-person play ...

Online tools aren't a replacement for real life gaming. Our product is designed to be used in person, at a table with your friends, as seemlessly as you use a piece of paper or pencils.

The problem with most online gaming applications is that they're actually harder for players to use, and harder for game masters to set up, than papers and pencils. When we set out to create Beyond Tabletop, our top priority was simplicity. Tabletop encounters can be created in less than a minute, and character sheets come pre-loaded with dozens of commonly-used stats so you can fill in your data and start playing.

... play online too.

Playing tabletop games online doesn't have to be a hassle. Our tools let you connect with your friends, share character data and play on a shared battlemat! Bring your created characters to your Game Master's tabletop and take on campaign challenges.

Because Beyond Tabletop supports both real life and online play, it's easier to include players who can't make it out to game night. They can just join your table online while everyone else plays in person!